The Rise of the Skinny Bootcut

The fall/winter 2011 season is definitely going to be a time of of exploratory denim for me. I’ve reclaimed flares, embraced jeggings, and I am quickly moving towards a new GAP creation called the Skinny Bootcut.

So pretty, right?

Of course I fall in love with the one pair that isn’t on sale right now – the gray. That being said, “not on sale” still means less than $100 ($69.95 to be exact), so it’s not that’ bad.

I love the hybrid flare-skinny. Bootcut-skinny. Skinny Bootcut. I guess that makes sense, doesn’t it? I’m not as novel as I think I am sometimes…

The pair available in white is only $18! There is also a light denim pair for $48, and I have a feeling that there are going to be many more styles and colors available for us to ogle in the near future.

What do you think of this style? Have you seen other styles like this before? How would you wear them?


  • I like the look! I saw on Sea of Shoes a while back, Jane had found a pair and they looked fab but soooo pricey. They also love to cut their jeans at the side seam, up about 6 inches to give the flare effect too. I’ve been considering that on an old pair!

  • Most of my skinnies end up looking like bootcuts (I buy for my hips – so the legs tend to be less skinny and more slim-fit.) I can vouch for this look. ;D

  • the_kcar

    I can only state this: with the way I am shaped, if I wore my platforms, I’d wind up with my legs looking more equine than feminine – not necessarily a great thing…I’d go in for low-front heels [whether flats or medium heel] – but if I do heels, I’d look for a bit of a slash at the backs and slight embellishment at the slash, maybe

  • Erin

    I just bought those same jeans a little while ago when they were having their 30% off jeans sale. They are so comfy (the stretch is great) and since regular bootcuts look a little like clydesdale legs on me without the booty to balance the flare out, these “micro flares” are a perfect compromise.

  • Oh, those are so cute. I snagged a pair of green jeans a few months ago that were supposed to be skinny cut, but they are two sizes too big (I meant to buy a size up, but these were cute weird). I am keeping an eye out for a replacement pair.

  • Keeny

    Looks terrific and at $18, certainly a great deal.

  • I love them-but I’m a big fan of skinny jeans, grey and boot cut jeans so these are perfect for me!

  • fay

    your jeans have gone down to $41.
    they are super cute :) only thing is they probably are only good with heels..