The Streets

If there’s one thing fashion should represent, it’s personality, and self expression.  Who am I today?  How will I present myself to the world?

Source: StockholmStreetStyle

Lindsay says: This might be the most beautiful woman I’ve ever seen! Go to the source link and look at the picture as large as possible.

Source: StreetPeeper

Jen says: It’s the details – her socks, the way her bag compliments the tiniest gold tints of the shirt – that make this outfit. (Lindsay says: THOSE ARE THE SOLD OUT STEVE MADDEN WEDGES! D:)  (Jen says: Why aren’t they on our feet right now?  No fair.)

Source: StreetPeeper

Jen says: Timeless cuts; updated hemlines; nothing too messy or overdone.  This will be filed under, “What Jen would wear if she had all the time and all the money.”  Also see: a dedicated seamstress.

Source: The Sartorialist | Florence

Jen says: This kind of menswear inspires me to do great things.  I’ve never been so fond of blue.  (Lindsay found this.  I die.)

Source: Altamira

Lindsay says: Because it’s Leigh Lezark and I said so.  (Jen says: I have a coat that looks similar to this, but cannot for the life of me pull it off.  Leigh is a master.)

  • shell

    Nice nice nice. Looks like these shots could have been done in Seattle? Backgrounds seem familiar.

  • NIce Pictures. I love the first one. Very feminine and so confident. She carries it so well. Nice blog!

  • Sophia

    Wow, that first woman really is absolutely stunning. I clicked on the link like you said, where it says that her name is Ulyana Sergeenko. I looked her up and found her blog, in case anyone’s interested.(Apparently she’s a fashion photographer):