The Streets: Through Garance Dore’s Eyes

Fashion Week has always been full of the hyper-professional and hyper-ambitious, most of whom have worked their asses off to get tickets to their favorite show. In the last decade, with the rise of blogging, digital media and the creativity that resulted – this dynamic has changed. Now everyone from the mid-western girl who’s read Vogue since she was able to chew solids to the hyper-ambitious, renegade photographer have a chance at attending the prestigious events.

I’ve been blogging for over 10 years, and watching this transition has been really exciting & awesome. Especially watching people grow into public figures, people like Garance Dore – the wondrous photographer, illustrator, and (though she might disagree) writer at

She’s a fashion week staple, and it’s all thanks to her blog. And after approximately 10 hours of sifting through the same face-forward, shoulders back, mid-step fashion runway shots, I’m dying to see fashion week through her eyes.

Unfortunately, I only get one show… but it’s a good one! 3.1 Philip Lim.

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