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Remember the now-defunct Broke & Beautiful Sale Calendar? If you do, mad props – that’s old-school! For new kids, it was a comprehensive calendar that logged all of the sample sales for each day across all sites. Bear in mind, though, that when I was running it, there was only,, RueLaLa and a couple others.

Nowadays, we have those plus about 160 other websites offering the same type of deal with, often, the same designers. Hence the expected termination of our Sale Calendar.

Fortunately, someone has stepped in to fill the shoes of said Sale Calendar: They present online sample sale wares in store-form, as though you were looking at a typical web store. So, instead of perusing 19 different sites every morning from 10-11am, try the at-a-glace-ness that MyNines offers.

Sample sale deals are too good to ignore, honestly. I have gotten some of my absolute favorite pieces of clothing through sites like Gilt and ideeli. The idea of checking them all… daily? Not so worth it.

In addition to their easy browsing capabilities, they have a much more comprehensive sale calendar, if you’re waiting to see when the best sale to spend your store credit on will be.

Speaking of credits – I’m not sure if you’ve noticed, but Gilt has stopped offering credits for referrals. This bums me out, bigtime! I’ll have to address my feelings on the issue later, but I wanted to offer a comprehensive list of the sample sale sites that still offer credit for referrals (all these links are my invites, fyi!):

  • Billion Dollar Babes [ $20 per purchasing referral ]
  • Editor’s Closet [ $25 per purchasing referral ]
  • Enviius [ $10 per purchasing referral ]
  • ideeli [ $25 per purchasing referral ]
  • Pure Citizen [ $10 per purchasing referral ]
  • RueLaLa [ $10 per purchasing referral ]
  • Swirl by DailyCandy [ $25 per purchasing referral ]
  • Beyond The Rack [ $10 per purchasing referral ]
  • HauteLook [ $10 per purchasing referral ]
  • The Sample Sale [ $25 per purchasing referral ]
  • Row|Nine [ $25 per purchasing referral ]
  • Biva [ $10 per purchasing referral ]
  • Modnique [ $15 per purchasing referral, $10 per friend’s friend’s purchase, $5 at friend’s friend’s friend’s purchase… & $5 at signup! ]
  • If I’m missing one – leave me a note in the comments!


As far as Tools To Help You Save Money On Unjustifiable Amounts of Clothing go, MyNines is a pretty sweet one. In case you’re worried about having to remember to go to a website once weekly, fear not – MyNines sends out a helpful e-mail daily with all the sales, as well as offers an iCal or Outlook download so you can keep track of sales whenever it’s convenient, and set up alarms for sales you want to be sure to check out!

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Hey – it takes organization to save money on clothes. This level of devotion to the elusive Bargain is not for everyone, but if you’re obsessed like me – MyNines will be your new friend, for sure.

What are your favorite sample sale sites? Do you still use them?

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