TMI Tuesday: The Heat

TMI Tuesday is the equivalent of Internet Girl Talk without the weird connotations and shrill giggles.

Jen and I… we have lots of opinions. We are the types that will talk for 5 hours solid and not realize that we have skipped two meals and ingested 5 lattes. Therefore, we’d like to bring that kind of excitability to B&B once per week on a day that no one cares about: Tuesday.

This week, I’m interested in hearing your thoughts about coverage, which is a much more ominous word that I intend for it to be. It sounds like something you’re about to feel uncomfortable talking about with your mother, but no. It’s just me, and Jen. And the rest of the people who read B&B. No biggie.

How much skin do you like to show in the summer heat?

There are a couple factors in motion when it comes to baring skin in the boiling heat. First of all, there’s the whole burning/melanoma/pain risk you take with or without sunscreen, but at the same time, there’s a personal level of modesty to be taken into account!

I spent many years doing whatever I could to hide as much skin as humanly possible. I dreaded summer! It was that scary time of year when everyone wore swimsuits and they would lay out in the open where EVERYONE WOULD SEE THEM. These days, I care less about who sees what parts of me, and even less what they think about those parts… But I do have a personal level of comfort when it comes to skin-baring.

Image via Lucky

Being that I’m one of the fairest people that the Universe has ever created, I’m pretty hardcore about sunscreen and exposure. That being said, I love an amazing tank top. More than that, I love an amazing tank or sleeveless shirt paired with a pair of somewhat loose, super casual pants – bonus points if the top is a bit dressy. The outfit above? You better believe that [once I get over my fear of hats] I would wear the hell right out of the ensemble. I pronounce “ensemble” as “UN-SOM-BLUH” in the snootiest French accent, by the way. Just so, you know, you can get the effect.

Image via Fashionising

So what’s your level of Summer Coverage Comfort?

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Looking forward to your comments!

  • tank tops! Live in em!
    But I have a bit of cellulite on my thighs so, I like to keep my legs covered up and knee length shorts just don’t work for me. I’m short!

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  • It’s funny, when it comes to coverage, in the winter I’m all for hiding in my over0sized sweaters, but in the summer I like to show skin. I’m not the girl who wears tiny bikinis everywhere, but I will wear a slouchy top and short shorts, paired with extra-high heels to make it seem like I’m showing even more skin.

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