To Cover or Not to Cover? Long Sweaters Under $50

Self, it’s time to post a round-up of something fashiony that you want in your closet. What do you currently want in your closet?”

“Well, Self, I was given this stretch cotton pencil skirt and, though it’s the bomb, it’s too small. I am trying to figure out what to wear it with.”

“Ah, I see. I bet a long sweater and some tights would go with it.”

“You mean like a bad overly-relaxed nineties outfit? What are you going to do next: tell me to wear 18-hole Doc Martens to work?”

“No, the shirt would have to be sort of tailored, or made of really soft fabric, or in some other way totally pretty and not lazy-looking. And you’ve already worn Docs to work, when it snowed really bad last year.”

“Shut up and show me clothes.”

Yes, that’s how I talk to myself. What of it?

The key words here are “Hi Low Hem.” This sweater comes in four colors, runs in four sizes and costs forty-nine dollars. (I bet it will go on sale again before Christmas.) If you don’t like the multi-colored style, it also comes in flat blue, black, red and “cool earth”.

Another pretty sweater that isn’t too expensive. This one is lighter-weight, and I think it would be fun to transition into spring next year. It also comes in purple and yellow. (I love the yellow, but it would make me look violently ill. Sigh.)

Long Knitted Sweater: $59.90 $39.90

That color is called Hazelnut Vigore. -Swoon.- It’s only available in a medium and large (hence the discount) and if it’s still around after the holidays, it’s mine. (I won’t be mad if you buy it before then, though. I’m super nice like that.)

Cocoon Maxi Sweater: $39.50 $34.50

IT’S STRIPEY IN THE BACK. Super cool, thumbs up, takes the view away from my fabric-swathed butt, etc.

Okay, this one’s a little nineties-tastic with its loose, over-sized fit, but I can imagine it swishing softly over my skirt, and the sleeves sliding down my arm as I tuck my hair behind my ear. It seems effortless, and I love that.

Short skirt, long jacket? Too much?

We all know that any stretchy, slightly too small skirt is going to do weird things to your butt – even if weird just means “makes it a million times more prominent. Should I toss this too-small skirt, or opt to cover my butt with some pretty fabric?

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