Trading For A Classic: Satchels

Several weeks ago, I was allowed to bask in the glow of the new US store, and even pick a few items out for myself. After about three days of absolute anxiety over which of the 57 things on my wishlist I wanted to purchase, I settled on a theme: classics. I bought a metallic belt, a striped boatneck shirt, two versatile scarves and a gorgeous, perfect satchel.

ZARA Fabric City Tote | $49.50

Aside from the less-than-$50 price tag, there are a million things to like about this bag. The faux leather looks super real, the bag, is lined in a gorgeous rose-colored fabric, there are pockets inside, and it is roooooooomy. Over-the-shoulder, or not – it’s amazing. The only thing I dislike about the bag is that the cross-body strap is attached to the top flap, and if my bag is really heavy, the snaps can sometimes pop open. Outside of that – amazing bag for an amazing price.

This fortunate acquisition may have just converted me into a satchel-person. I’m obsessed. It seems I’m not the only one either, there are satchels (high fashion, as well as inexpensive) everywhere!

We prefer the “inexpensive.”

6 Satchels under $50

Cesca Vintage Weathered Faux Leather Satchel | $38

Natural Wonders Satchel | $48

TOKYObay Rose Satchel | $40

Under One Sky Crossbody Satchel | $34

Kelly & Katie Denning Convertible Satchel | $39.95

ALDO Rehm Satchel | $42.99

What does your bag look like?

  • Satchels are my favorite! They hold EVERYTHING!

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  • Robert

    Awesome Bags! They really do hold everything…

  • Meg

    Oh man! I love satchels, but I’ve never bought one because all the ones I’ve seen are either too small or too expensive. Now, I’m craving half of these babies.

  • I love satchels! Especially the patent leather ones, check them out at Happy shopping! :)