We Don’t Watch E! For Nothing: Live-Tweeting Academy Awards

Yes, the lack of fashion-related content on the Style Network has driven my newly-cabled mind to the E! Network to stare at sartorially-focused television (E! owns Style – hilarious, no?). This has forced me to realize that the Academy Awards are on in just under 4 hours (only 12 short hours from the time I’d usually receive 4 press releases per minute about how to buy knockoff gowns!).

Call it the product of kitty-sitting, but Mamas Jen and I are feeling a little catty, and therefore will take to Broke & Beautiful’s Twitter account to live-tweet the Awards – red carpet included.

  • I don’t know who is nominated.
  • I don’t know what is nominated.
  • I don’t know who half of the people are.

Broke & Beautiful: Credibility Machine. This should be a fabulous, humorous account of my absolute celebrity ignorance and show you how I’m really just an old, crotchety 80 year old man living in a 25 year old fashion blogger’s body. …ew.

Allegedly, you can stream the Academy Awards here.

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Edited to add: Jennifer Nicole just informed me that the Academy Awards and the Oscars are the same this. This is going to be awesome.