Jean-Stock 2011

I recently went through a major wardrobe purge. I feel it’s healthy to go through your closet and eliminate the unused stuff every 6 months or so to clear out the old and welcome the new. (Read: make room for new clothes.)

The one item that I will probably continue to have in my closet forever, in constant rotation: jeans. Naturally, they’ll be in good company with socks, skivvies and bras… But those are even more variable in style than jeans. I can get fancy and experiment with those, but jeans… Jeans are something you learn to master over time. After a while, you know what you like, and you know how you like it. Sure, you might step out of your comfort zone and try something new from time to time but overall – jeans are jeans. Don’t mess with ’em.

Finding Inexpensive Jeans

This is not easy. Sure, you can pick a pair up for $7 from an enormous box store and wear the elasticized denim until holes form between your thighs (don’t lie, you know what I’m talking about), but that’s not nearly as satisfying as owning a pair for 5 years and really making those jeans your own.

Then there’s the issue of the coveted premium denim. Those pricey, pricey jeans that you’re sure could grant you immortality if only you owned the perfect pair. Premium denim. It even sounds like you’re supposed to have it, otherwise you suck. It’s premium.

Unfortunately, $180 jeans are absolutely out of my budget. So where are you supposed to get cheap jeans?

Here are my favorite haunts:

ReUse Jeans


A popular topic on Awakened Aesthetic, you might be able to figure out the gimmick with these jeans. Yes, they’re recycled. Not only are they recycled, but they are (ahem) prreeemium quality denim! Not only are they recycled and ppreeemmium quality denim – they’re totally affordable! It’s like the Gods of Constantly Reinvented Clothing wanted us little, broke people to experience high-quality fashion in the most awesome way possible.

GAP Jeans


No one can deny the long-lived reign of GAP jeans. My very first pair of jeans (well, jeans that weren’t JNCOs – don’t judge) were from The GAP. They were bootcut, deep dark denim, and I slept in them the first night I had them to create the perfect fit. I’ll never forget them. GAP continues to have ridiculously wonderful sales on jeans all the time, and if you can make it out to an outlet store (as Jen and I did last weekend), you’re in for some killer deals. Plus, I’ve never had a pair of GAP jeans that didn’t last me at least three years.



Kohl’s is a universe that I haven’t been able to properly explore yet. I’ve only been into their establishment once or twice, but I’ve played around their webstore enough to know that they are an excellent place to find quality denim. They carry the Levi’s brand, which is synonymous with longevity, comfort and classic style.

Old Navy

This is a brand that I almost didn’t include. It’s the little sister of GAP in terms of quality, price and, well… business – they’re owned by the same company! That being said, I have had my fair share of jeans from Old Navy. Some have lasted me for years, others, less so. After our post about classy loungewear, several commenters spoke really highly of the Rock Star Leggings, which I’m now in love with (Saucy Red, please!). They’re also have a big ol’ sale on all of their jeans today – prices starting at $15!

Where do you buy jeans? Ever purchased from one of these stores?

Probably watching Netflix.

2 thoughts on “Jean-Stock 2011

  • August 16, 2011 at 11:18 am

    Just ordered a couple pairs of the Rockstar jeggings and I can’t wait for them to get here! I’ve heard so many great things about them! Never had a pair of Gap Jeans. Used to live in J Brand but good lord I just can’t afford them anymore!

  • August 16, 2011 at 7:11 pm

    Wow! These are high quality denims, and it is really durable, my sister bought one of those and it’s pretty affordable. And you are right! At least they let us experience this high-quality fashioned jeans.

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