WYW: A Tooled Leather Bag?

I’ve been seeing these everywhere, likely as a product of the Vintage Revolution aka That 70’s Fashion Takeover that’s taken hold of the industry’s heart for the last few years. Nothing gets sweeter and simpler than a little, structured bag with hand-crafted designs in the heavy leather. I’ve seen these paired with everything from shorts & a tee to maxi dresses.

Whenever I’ve come across one of these cutie-patooty bags in a vintage shop or newly produced at a big box store (what? It doesn’t make sense to me either, but it’s happening), I’ve always thought “Whoa, that’s a bit too cowboy for me.” Admittedly a bit close-minded on my part, because after checking out some of the ways these cute bags are worn, I’m admittedly having appreciative, second thoughts.

Chictopia ladies (L-R): GirlWithFlowers123, FlairToRemember, & RubySue

While I think it’s probably always best to buy this kind of piece from a second-hand or vintage shop, I did manage to find this beaut from Forager Vintage on Etsy (which is basically like the biggest vintage shop ever, am I right?):

This one will only set you back $54, which is seriously a steal, considering Free People is selling their own vintage collections for $350-$500… Can you believe that?!

What do you think of this vintage style? Would you/do you rock a tooled leather bag?

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  • I love these bags! I had a small collection in high school along with the belts of the same Southwestern style. It’s not really anything like what I wear now, a little too boho for me, but the nostalgia factor of carefree summers still runs strong.

  • There’s a little Mexican community in downtown LA that has been selling these exact same bags for years for about $13. Real leather too. I know ’cause my little sister bought one and has it to this day. I wouldn’t wear them myself, they don’t fall into my style. But I can definitely see some chic bohos pulling this off.

  • I am in LOVE with these vintage bags! I have my eye on a few from Etsy!!
    The Forager Vintage one you’ve shown here is amazing!


  • I would definitely rock one of those if I had a chance! Unfortunately I don’t have the money to drop on a 50+ dollar bag. But they sure are pretty. I love the craftmanship of these bags.

    • Totally with you on the prices… Definitely check out vintage/thrift shops in your area – you’e sure to find one for cheaper!

  • This is a beautifull piece of leather and I`m suprised its only selling for 54.00 it looks great. It has a vintage hand crafted look, We here should have a crafted hanbag at our online store, It you gives any woman a look of exquisite taste in one self.