WYW: An All-White Dress?

My answer is already “yes, yes, please buy me one, yes,” but I think I’m biased.

I love the idea of an all-white day dress, and seeing them in the display windows of the downtown Seattle H&M and on other bloggers makes me do a little white-dress dance.

It’s like a rain dance, but better.

Jessica Quirk, of What I Wore fame, looks so elegant (and comfortable) in this vintage crochet dress. It’s 110 degrees where she’s at – so hot it fogged up her lens – and something gauzy is perfect for that kind of heat. Audrey Marie at A Lovely Escape does white in a more modern way, but looks just as lovely.

[Confidential to Audrey Marie: Your hair is amazing, and your pedicure is an inspiration for all July Challengers on Broke & Beautiful. Gorgeous!]

Of course, white has its drawbacks. The potential for stains is tenfold, and most of the dresses I’ve found online are so sheer that they’d get me arrested if I wasn’t wearing a slip underneath.

Two of the dresses I found on a cursory search, the vintagey Mirage for $68 and the more modern Charter Club Shirtdress, on sale for $29.99 (normally $79), have reminded me that “white dress” can mean a million things. It seems so different than all the other colors, though. A little more daring. (Strange that a color associated so strongly with innocence and purity could be daring!)

Of course, I could do what Jessica did and buy vintage, probably via Etsy. I’m slogging through a fair number of unfortunate 1980s bridal dresses in the process, though.

Would you take a chance on an all-white day dress?

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