WYW: Fair Isle

This is a guest post by Jennifer Nicole. See the rest of Jennifer’s guest posts here.¬†

Am I becoming a hipster?

I ask because I’m really into the comeback of Fair Isle-inspired knits. Like, really into it.

Fair Isle Leggings

Fair Isle is a traditional knitting technique named after an island in the north of Scotland called, well, Fair Isle. The technique is all about knitting in the round using five or so colors (only two per row). The technique wasn’t a big deal until the soon-to-be King Edward VIII started wearing Fair Isle tank tops in 1921. (A side note: Eddie ended up abdicating the British throne so he could marry a twice-divorced American socialite. Fashionable and wild about love: that’s how we like ’em.)

I went with my mom and sister to Fred Meyer over the weekend to pick up Christmas decorations, and I could not stop gravitating toward all of the Fair Isle sweaters and dresses. They’re all on sale! I need them! Screw Christmas decorations: my tree will wear Fair Isle! What do you mean, trees don’t wear sweaters?!

…am I crazy?

¬†Would you wear Fair Isle…or am I crazy for loving it?

  • Jay

    I would wear it. I think it’s Winter and Christmas that’s making you like it so much. If you’re still going on about it when it’s 90 degrees out, we may need to stage a hipstervention.

    • A Hipstervention! I’m certain that needs to become part of the fashion lexicon.

  • King Edward VIII started wearing Fair Isle tank tops in 1921. yes i am crazy for buying fair-isle winter collection.It is still very trendy from my point of view.

  • i m going to buy one this week! they have nice collection!

  • I’ve been loving it too and so does my little sister. I think the impending cold weather makes us want to wear this print more. Plus it’s easy to find Fair Isle in thrift stores for super cheap!

  • Great coat pick!

  • I’ve been so attracted to everything Fair Isle! I have no idea why, but since the weather’s gotten colder, new Fair Isle sweaters just keep appearing in my closet…

  • Irena

    I would have loved that Fair Isle parka, but it’s already sold out! Thanks to you, maybe:)?…

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