Would You Wear…: Lotty Dotty’s Paper Doll Tee?

I did the “paper doll” thing as a kid only until I got my hands on a sweet, sweet set of Fashion Plates. Then, paper dolls were obsolete to me. You mix up crayons and¬†interchangeable¬†seperates, and I am one happy kid.

It seems, though, that paper dolls have adorned the lustful eye of one designer, Lotty Dotty. They have created a paper doll shirt completely with alternative outfits and big, silky bows. Bonus item: the shirt is completely eco-friendly.

Our t-shirts are made of 100% organic cotton and manufactured using green energy from wind and solar power.

So, Would You Wear: An “interactive” paper doll tee?

Tell us in the comments!

  • You bet I would! How much fun it would be to change it’s outfit, as long as they are cool!

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  • I personally wouldn’t wear one, only because I’ve put shirts with stuff on them behind me. But I think it’s a fabulous idea! I love that they’re made eco-friendly, and getting a lot of looks out of one top is a good thing. Plus they are awfully cute.

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  • Vonnie

    yes yes yes! sooo cute and just my style, love things like this.