WYW: Python?


By “snakeskin” I mean python (because everything needs a new name each go-round),  by “back” I mean trending for fall, and by “ohmygod” I mean OH MY GOD.

Yeah, yeah, I’m an ethical fashion blogger. I know. I’m not supposed to like fur or animal prints…but I have this thing with snakeskin. I told Lindsay it’s like I was a snake in a past life.

“…and now you want to wear yourself?”

It’s like backwards shedding or something.

There’s a subtle, yet intense drama to the python pattern that last year’s leopard just can’t match. Maybe it’s just me, but python looks less tacky when dyed pink or teal, and more delicate in light colors, on pumps and fall handbags.

My favorite pair of shoes – or at least one of my top five of all time – was a pair of Banana Republic pointed-toe python pumps. They were a classic shape, perfect for the office, but just brazen enough to keep me from getting bored.

This year, I’m looking for a python (or better yet, python-inspired) handbag.


Will you wear the python pattern this fall?

  • thank you thank you thank you. need help with afordable python ! :D

    ps, http://amandamantes.blogspot.com !

  • I won’t wear the actual skin (what these animals go through is horrid) but I don’t mind the print, especially when oversized on fabric.

    • Yuck! Totally agree. We saw a ton of snakeskin (I accidentally types skankskin – ha!) at the Nordstrom Rack sale and it just squidged us out!! I couldn’t IMAGINE wearing real snakeskin… Yuck, yuck, yuck!!

  • I don’t wear python or leopard print anyway, but I do agree that snakeskin print looks less tacky when dyed.

    On another note, I’m going to make something snakeskin print and start the new “cobra” trend.