Zero + Maria Cornejo Get Bookish

I love it when things work out in ways you never would expect. Sometimes, you think that making a print of a bookshelf would be so cool! Then you think… Wow, no. That would look ridiculous. How could that possibly work?

So you shelf your brilliant idea, until Zero + Maria Cornejo have the same one and make it perfect.

The rest of the collection? Unfortunately unremarkable. Many shapeless leather things in grey cognac and putty colors. Why they didn’t do an entire collection incorporating this print, I know it. It’s like they got the assignment in Project Runway where Tim Gunn says “Surprise, designers! You have to present ELEVENT looks on the runway! Here is $5 and a safety pin, now go!”

The bookshelf print alone deserves its own post – if not own blog.

See the rest of the Zero + Maria Cornejo collection on