Everything Is Coming Up Roses

No, it really is! I can’t flip through a magazine without being bombarded with everyone’s rekindled love for rose scented… things.

What kind of things? All kinds of things. Candles, moisturizers, misting sprays, perfumes, cleansers… If you believe in all of that aromatherapy hibbidy (which I totally 100% do), you may know that rose oil is not only really good for your skin, but it is also said to promote feeling calm, and may even allow you to let go of the anger you have for the barista who side-eyes you on your “double caramel” days. You have bad days too don’t judge me. But in all seriousness, it is said to have anger-reducing tendencies!

Aside from being one of La Petite Mort‘s favorite nipple-obscuring materials, it’s one of the beauty world’s favorite products – both alone, and when mixed with other scents!

Rose With Other Stuff

Rose-Accented Beauty Products on a budget

1. Level Naturals Rose Jasmine Bath Bomb set, $14.99; 2. Les Couvents des Minimes 4-Rose Eye Cream, $22; 3.  Tokyo Milk Dark Femme Fatale Collection No. 42 (Rosewater, Sweet orange, peach and Tahitian vanilla), $7; 4. Smallflower Trading Company Rose Geranium Soap, $4.50; 5. Dr. Bronner’s Organic Hemp Rose Castille Soap, $8.95; 6. TheBalm Rose Facial Cleanser, $15; 7. Damask Rose & Violet Purse Spray, $14.99.


Rose Alone

Rose-Scented Beauty Products on a budget

8. Taylor of London Elegant Hand/Nail Cream, 15; 9. Lomasi Rose Cuticle Oil, $5.95; 10. The Body Shop Wild Rose Mini Hand Cream,$15; 11. Bee & Flower Rose Soap, $1.59; 12. Woods of Windsor True Rose Talcum Powder, $15; 13. Weleda Wild Rose Deodorant, $16.

Do you like rose-scented beauty products?

If you have any, dish or bitch about them in the comments!