Summer Scramble: 13 Swimsuits Under $40

Jen and I are going on vacation in approximately one week from today, and I have had the same bikini for 4 years – it’s time for an upgrade. I’ve always wanted to save up and invest in something that would make me look like Heidi Klum when I put it on, but I think we all know that’s never going to happen. Saving money, I mean – I can’t do it. (Obviously I look like Heidi Klum in everything I wear.) Also, the Sunshine will be out, but the temperature will be 64, so this is pretty much aesthetic, not gonna lie.

So queue me spending hours online finding as many bathing suits for under $40 as I possibly could – and I’m not going to dick you over like other sites, either. When I say “bikini under $40,” I mean 100% of a bikini – none of that “the bikini top is $38.99” BS. So here’s what I dug up – in case you’re in the same boat as I am.


Insight Ribbed Bandeau Bikini: $36

String Bikini Top and Bikini Bottom in Red Aloud: $25

Bandeau Bikini Top and String Bikini Bottom in Red Tile: $25

Striped Halter Swimsuit: $28.50

Ruffle Trim Bandeau Top and Bikini Bottom: $35

Striped Bikini Top and Boyshort Bikini Bottom: $35

Leopard Print Bikini Top and Bikini Bottom: $24

Lepel Kiki Swimsuit: $36

Dip-Dyed Bikini Top and Hipster Bikini Bottoms: $35

Metallic Trim String Bikini Top and Bikini Bottoms: $35

Piped-Trim Bandeau Bikini Top and Bikini Bottoms: $25

Metallic Thread Crochet Bikini Top and Bikini Bottoms: $30

Allsaints Bandini Bikini Top and Bikini Bottom: $40