Friend, Family, or Office Party: Holiday Dresses

Any girl who has been Broke & Beautiful for more than one season knows that party dresses are on double-duty. Not only do they have to be perfect for holiday parties, but they have to be versatile enough to work into your existing wardrobe without too much work.

There is a difference between a fancy corporate company party and the party of a private dental practice – both are equally awesome, but may have different dress codes! Also, you have to take location into account. Are you and your workmates headed to a bar? You might want to grab a mid-length sweater dress to keep in line with the casual feel of the  Are you going bowling or something? Maybe a little skater dress is the best way to go – despite the fact that it’s a little “young” for a company party. I like to think that all of the dresses in this post would kick ass in any holiday situation.

Use your own discretion, and all that. I don’t have to tell you how to pick a dress. If you didn’t know good dresses you wouldn’t be here, right? Right.

Favorite Holiday Party Dresses of 2012

Top row: ModCloth Haute Stuff Dress, $52.99; ZARA Cashmere Tunic Dress, $59.90; Jack by BB Dakota Pewter Specialist Dress, $54.99.
Second row: Luck Be A Lady Dress in Garlands, $74.99;  ModCloth Arugula La Dress, $52.99; ModCloth Tie To Be True Dress, $54.99.


First row: ModCloth Acoustic Crooner Dress, $67.99;  ModCloth You Sweater Believe It! Dress, $52.99;
Second Row:  Ruche Victorian Rendezvous Dress, $44.99; Glimmer Party Dress, $49.99; ModCloth Bold As Lovely Dress, $44.99.

What are you wearing to your holiday party/parties?

PS – The dresses at the top of this post are from Shabby Apple – another excellent resource for dresses! The one on the left is the Moonlight Kiss dress ($85) and the one on the right is the Joyful dress ($109).

  • Holiday Dresses – yes a very nice theme , you have beautiful collection over there , try to see for more ages… think that an 50 years old lady would love some new creations…