6pm Yard Sale! (That Means 60-80% off EVERYTHING!)

I’ve been waiting for this day for… days. Days and days. 6pm.com is having what they call a “yard sale.” I think that’s pretty tame, considering…

Summer Everything (aka sandals, heels, and flats) is 60-80% off.

Yeah, everything. I’m in kind of a catatonic state of sale shock. I can’t unfurrow my brow and I look like I just found a hair in my soup, but I assure you, my excitement is growing at such an exponential rate, it’s taking all of my emotional resources just to stabilize it. I’ll be fine in about 45 minutes.

In the meantime, ingest my Shoe Porn.

[Top to bottom: Calvin Klein “Posha” Sandals, $34.65; 2 Lips Too “Too Nobu” Wedge, $28; Rialto Giana Sandals, $15.60; Auri Cecelia Wedge, $35; Madden Girl Gette Wedges, $21.98; Jessica Simpson Jaclyn Heels, $39.20; Madden Girl Mygee Heels, $17.98; Andrew Gellar Claressa, $27.60.]

Did I mention there’s FREE SHIPPING?

Probably watching Netflix.