8 Places To Get Free (Beauty!) Samples

Around here, we believe in having your cake & eating it, too. If you find a killer deal on your favorite beauty product, that shouldn’t be the end of your cheap excitement – free things should be added on top of your deeply discounted deal, right? I mean…

What’s more Broke & Beautiful than free?

Exactly – nothing! So we have launched on a massive mission to find the best places to score free samples with purchase. Ideally, that purchase would be… oh, $2 with free shipping, max, but unfortunately such is not always the case. That doesn’t mean that you can’t snag that new moisturizer you were dying to try, anyway (bonus points if it’s on sale), and pick up some freebies in the process!

8 Stores That Rock at “Free Samples With Purchase


This is my favorite store to get samples from because you get to choose any product to sample. Want to snag a $1.50 facial steam tab? Maybe a little 4oz. Mask of Magnaminty for $12… Ask you shop around – online or in-store – keep track of all the gorgeous things you want to try, but maybe can’t afford to splurge and test right now. Once you’re at the register, ask away! LUSH sales reps are notoriously sweet & darling by definition, so don’t be nervous! Just mention, “Oh – I’d love to try out the ________ – could I snag a sample of that?” Optional: “…and, if it’s possible, the _____, as well?” Don’t be afraid to ask for more than one!

If you order online, no worries – the samples get chosen for you, but you’ll still get ’em!


They’re notorious for their samples, as well as their selection. I’m always getting emails from Sephora letting me know about special sample deals, or promotions for specific brands that offer a mid-size or even full-size product with purchase! With each order (no minimum!), you can select three samples to include – everything from foundation to perfume. If I were you, I’d snag a Sephora Collection Double Contouring Cream blush in bright, energetic Poppy Pink [coincidentally described as “Azalea pink” – pick a flower!] for $14 and load up on samples.

(PS – Kate Walsh made a perfume called “Billionaire?” I hope the bottle doesn’t stick to your hands, due to the extreme TACKINESS. Ho ho ho…)


The equivalent of a beauty superstore, Beauty.com undoubtedly has whatever you need to feel awesome about your skincare and cosmetic arsenal. They also have sunglasses. Just in case. You also get three samples at Beauty.com, and the selection is more limited than that of Sephora… but free is free! That being said, their free shipping kicks in at $25 (as opposed to Sephora’s $50), so in the end, it evens out! (I’m more intrigued by Beauty.com’s samples today, so there’s that, too.) Go for the gold and grab Philosophy’s On A Clear Day Foaming Cleanser for a clean $25 – grab your samples, forego the shipping, and you’re out of there with free stuff and an awesome cleanser!


They’ve been around since 1851, and for good reason, as they continue to push our new classics in skincare. “Three free samples with every purchase” seems to be a bit of a trend… but Kiehl’s is doing it the most right, in my opinion. Why? Their six pages of available samples leave all the other stores in the dust (save for maybe Lush, whose product catalog spans several dimensions). If you’ve got a dude or gal at home, Kiehl’s would be the place to casually pick up a sample for them. I’ve been pulling this trick for three weeks, and my boyfriend smells BOMB.

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Right now, they are also offering two “deluxe” (definition: TBD) samples from their Healthy Skin line when you make a purchase from the same line.

Blue Mercury

I’m pretty new to this site, but the design and brand list has definitely drawn me on. Also giving me heart palpitations: free shipping on all order over $25. Sweet, sweet music. One day, in my Utopia, all sites will find a way to have free, carbon-neutral shipping. Swoon. Back to Blue Mercury – three free samples with every order, and to get both free shipping & free samples, pick up Ahava’s Purifying Mud Mask for $30. I’m really into mud lately.


Seattle’s pride & joy comes through again, promising five free samples with each beauty or fragrance purchase. They even go so far as to list them off for you! I’m sure that the samples rotate, so take the image with a grain of salt, but Nordstrom has great relationships with their brands, so you can trust that your batch will probably include something amazing.

Oh, and in the event that you happen to be near a Nordstrom on a Saturday – go inside. You’ll thank me later.


How drool-worthy are Smashbox products? Their Photo Finish Foundation Primer is a staple in my makeup… box? Bag? Bag. Actually… Let’s be real, it’s in my not-main makeup bag because it doesn’t meet the usage levels necessary to be carried in my main makeup bag. I use it once or twice a month when I want to feel like Adriana Lima, but like to save it for those moments, specifically. But they offer two samples (well, one sample and a bonus sample – whatever.) But free shipping on ever order! Yay.


My favorite cosmetics company (tied with Stila – but the list changes all the time), Benefit, also offers two free samples with every order on the site (you select from four options after placing an item in your cart). I couldn’t possibly tell you what the best thing to get from Benefit could be because they have so many good products! I used one of their highlighting bronzers, Hollywood Glow, for 4 years (same bottle and everything!). I’ve been out of it for months, and they discontinued it. So sad! I’d love to try Benefit’s High Beams Highlighter for $26 – and it looks like I could snag a couple shades of their Hello Flawless! SPF 15 Cover Up Powder as a sample!

Did we forget anything?

Add your favorite place to grab free samples in the comments!

(Thanks to our Twitter friends for helping us out with tips!)

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