A Delicate Dream… Is Splitting The Bill For A Mother’s Day Gift

Like the good Internet Person that I am, I forced my boyfriend to take an Etsy Taste Test, and fully expected him to nearly die from excitement at what an awesome and time-demolishing toy I’d shown him… but alas, I think that being obsessed with Taste Test is something only some┬ápeople experience. At least I know now.

Anyway, after his long (LONG) and careful (VERY THOROUGH) assessment of each panel of the Taste Test (CLICKING EACH ONE AND GOING THROUGH THEIR ENTIRE SHOP), we arrived at his “Stuff You’ll Like” page, which included the magical, hand-painted tea set you see above. Because he has awesome taste (to be expected, thanks), this went immediately on my Favorites list, and I forced him to sift, painfully, through the rest of his results. There wasn’t anything quite as good as this set! I think I also like it because it reminds me a bit of Shel Silverstein (remember Where the Sidewalk Ends?).

This is the exact type of thing I’d love to give as a gift… aka convince my siblings/friends/significant other to split the bill (which is a bit heftier since it’s a set).

> A Delicate Dream Handpainted Upcycled Tea Set: $119 <

Probably watching Netflix.

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