And Mary

Who doesn’t like a little bit of whimsical irreverence every now & then? I honestly hate the word “whimsical” because I work around fashion (followers of which have sufficiently ruined that word for me), but the concept of it is still appealing when it’s not applied to a Virgin-Suicides-esque gaggle of grown-ass women with glazed eyes and headdresses on. I think I’ve read a few too many Free People & Anthropologie catalogues.

Grudge aside, I still really like being a little bit overly feminine and a little bit childish from time to time, and I extra like it when the manifestation of that desire comes in jewelry form. And even then, I extra, extra like it when that jewelry is inexpensive enough for me to afford. You can see why I got really excited when I ran into And Mary on ASOS.

Sometimes, I can come across as an All Business type of person. Which is good… in business-y situations. It is not good when I try to have friends, meet new people, or carry on a lively discussion on something I’m passionate about. Adding a few little Proof That I Don’t Take Myself Seriously pieces of jewelry may help me indicate to my acquaintences that I am not a hardened soldier, but actually am soft and squishy.

…And have a pink rocking horse on my middle finger, betch. 

One of my favorite tricks in fashion is pairing pieces that project opposites ideas. For example, combining the perfect straight slacks with a crisp blazer and then throwing in a super fun, silk shirt and covering yourself in And Mary-esque accessories. Maybe on a dapper day, I’d go with the set of And Mary Hare Necklace and Hare Ring (each under $25).

Don’t fret – there are plenty of non-animal objects that And Mary finds inspiring. Check out these inanimate objects!

The best part about And Mary – other than the unique take on everyday jewelry – is the price points. Every single one of the necklaces you see above is under $20!

Strawberry Necklace, $8.80
Vintage Seal Necklace, $17.59
Bird House Necklace, $14.07
Acorn & Leaf Necklace, $14.07
Sewing Kit Necklace, $17.59
Chain Coin Purse Necklace, $17.59

What’s your jewelry style?

Probably watching Netflix.