Anna Dello Russo x H&M: Baroque & Crazy Animal Accessories

Anna Dello Russo is definitely a cult favorite among the high fashion kids, it seems, which is both refreshing and also just kind of underwhelming. Anna Dello Russo, for those who aren’t familiar, is the fashion editor of Vogue Nippon, aka Vogue Japan.

She has an insanely fun sense of style. I mean, loud, crazy, wearin’-strawberries-on-her-head levels of fashion experimentation. I am all for that, and I think it’s really cool that she’s likely inspiring thousands of people get a little funky with their daily wardrobe. I dig it.

That being said, it’s a pretty exclusively High Fashion World for Ms. Dello Russo, and this is why I don’t fall in love with culty editrix – I get distracted by “THAT’S A $3,000 DRESS and $7,000 SHOES, LADY!..?”

So typically, she stays off of my inspiration radar due only to my massive obsession with #BrokeLife. What can I say? I appreciate what she’s doing for the world, aesthetically, though and was excited to check out her animal-and-baroque-heavy accessories collection for H&M.

ADR x H&M Accessories Collection

This gilded, bedazzles crocodile necklace is a statement piece from the collection, but I’m not really sure that there are any non-statement pieces, really. Everything is loud & proud, just like ADR! Her whole collection has an “animal” theme, and in, as you may know, has called on the Gods of Style to give everyone…

A fashion shower.

You need a fashion shower. Why? Because I loaf it.

This tromp l’oeil bag has two things I am a total sucker for: turquoise and baroque flourishes. That being said, it also has one of my least favorite things on a bag (especially one with shiny fabric?): tromp l’oeil, or phony 3D details. It might be shaped like an overnight bag, but it’s only 13″ wide and 8″ tall… it’s average handbag sized! There’s something about the materials that just looks cheap to me (polurethrane, blech!). I do have my eye on this hardshell suitcase ($150) – same color & style, but a Real Suitcase (and no tromp l’oeil!)!

This is one of the first items in ADR’s collection that I knew I was unabashedly attracted to. Gold-colored metal framed, cat-eye sunglasses with unnaturally bronze lenses, flanked by two emerald-eyed snakes? These were clearly made for me.

There is so much more in terms of her collection’s bright & poppy accessories, but I’m not going to give them each their own cute introduction. So, unceremoniously…

 Here is a smattering of items from the ADR x H&M collection:

See? Most if it is not too shabby, really! Some of the prices are pretty ridiculous… The aesthetic isn’t really my style – though some of the turquoise + gold pieces have my debit card hiccuping – but overall I like it! Not sure why anyone would want a necklace with the name Anna on it (unless you’re Shoe Smitten, whose name is conveniently Anna, I guess!)

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Check out the rest of the Anna Dello Russo x h&m Collection here!

What are your favorite pieces? Do you like the collection?

(Would you ever pay those prices?)