B&BPSA: Giveaway Mania

I just made up B&BPSA. It stands for… B&B… PSA. I’m going to keep using it, I think.

We are running giveaways behind your back!

There, ripped the band-aid off. It’s true! We’ve been orchestrating, and secretly dropping giveaways around various social media outlets! For instance…

Submit Your Style / Budget Style / Fancy Pants Contest

This  giveaway can’t seem to find a good name that will stick, so why not use all of them? We announced on Tumblr last week that we were opening up a style contest to the readers of B&B! We’re challenging you to show off your epic budget-shopping skills through creative performance… meaning: submit a photo of your badass style, and you could win! Each entry will be sent through our Tumblr with a link to your blog (free promotion! – be sure to include the URL and name!), and 1-3 super-stylish gals will be featured on Broke & Beautiful, and receive something from our sample closet!

How to Enter: Click here!
Contest Ends: …whenever we feel like it!

The Broken Record 200 Giveaway

When we launched The Broken Record, we announced that we would be giving away a huge prize when we reached 200 subscribers! Well, fast-forward and here we are with less than 30 spots left in the giveaway! As you can see, the winner will receive the bag in the photos above, and that bag will be full of beauty and fashion goodies from our vast and generous sample room. Well. Sample… area. Listen, you’ll get free stuff inside your free stuff, ok?

How to enter: Sign up for The Broken Record! Either on this page, or in the sidebar!
Giveaway ends: …whenever we hit 200!

And the Super-Mega-Bonus Giveaway is…

Awakened Aesthetic + New Factory, Friend

On top of our two giveaways, our sister site, Awakened Aesthetic, has partnered up with an eco-friendly designer called New Factory, Friend and is offering you one of their beautiful wrap shirts – free! Just comment on Awakened Aesthetic with your favorite of the wrap shirts available, get some extra entries by following on Tumblr or signing up for The Ethical Rag (free!), fill out a few checkboxes and DONE!

How to enter: Check the Awakened Aesthetic post!
Giveaway ends:  Friday, January 27th at 11:59pm (Specific!)

Good luck!

  • Kevin

    Wow, my sister will definitely drool over those shirts. I’ll tell her about this giveaway. thanks for the share!