Everything You Need to Pick The Best Purple Lipstick

This is a guest post from Irune, a friend of mine who knows good lipstick and is obsessed with color. 

I’m a pretty obsessive person. Ask anyone who knows me. When I like something, I LOVE it, and I can’t stop thinking about it. So when last year I tried one of my sister’s red lipsticks and actually loved it on me, I knew something had happened. The obsession had begun.

So I started looking for some cool, pretty lipsticks to add to my collection. It started simple: some reds, corals, a couple of burgundy shades… nothing too flamboyant! One day I was randomly browsing some make up web sites when I foundthe photo below and immediately fell in love. WHAT WAS THAT WONDER?! Such a beautiful, vibrant color. So different. So sexy. I wanted it, I needed it.

And so my search began.

While looking for that perfect shade of purple (which, by the way, I haven’t found yet – haha!) I came across some beautiful lipsticks that I now adore, even if they were not what I was initially looking for. Some of them were hit, others were miss. But I still want to show them all to you, and share with you my experience and personal opinions on these products.

May I present to you my small collection of purple lipsticks.

 L-R: M·A·C Heroine, Illamasqua Fetish, Illamasqua Kontrol, M·A·C Mattene Potent Fig, M·A·C Cyber


M·A·C Cyber

When I started looking for The Perfect Purple Lipstick, Cyber wasn’t my first option – it was Smoked Purple. They are basically the same color, only Smoked Purple is more matte, which tends to work better for me. Unfortunately, it was limited edition, so I had to go with Cyber.

I was so sure this lipstick was going to be perfect, I didn’t even try it on when I was at the M·A·C counter. I simply purchased it, went straight home and tried it on. Wow, what a disappointment. First thing I didn’t like about it was the formula. It was creamy… way too creamy, almost greasy. Even though I have dry lips, creamy formulas don’t work on me. They tend to bleed and when you get closer you can see lots of fine lines coming out of my lips. It looked gross. Matte finishes tend to stay longer on my lips, and Cyber was way too glossy for that. It also didn’t have the best pigmentation: it went on very streaky, so I had to apply lots of layers (and you could still see some pink patches after that). I still decided to give it a chance, so I didn’t take it off right away and waited a few hours to check its staying power… which was another disappointment. Too bad, I was so excited for this.

This shade is available at:

M·A·C Potent Fig

So after Cyber, I realized I wanted something less dark, less warm, and more matte. So I found swatches of MAC Mattene in Potent Fig. Oh wow, that was a beautiful color! Sadly, it was limited edition… but I managed to find a not too pricey one on eBay (Check out current listings here!), and I immediately clicked “buy”. I got it a few days later, opened it, and fell in love with the color in the tube. Such a vibrant purple with blue undertones… That was exactly what I was looking for!! So I applied it on, and… oh no. Again, it looked way too dark, and the color just transformed on my lips. It looked like some sort of grape? Not what I was expecting. It was definitely prettier than Cyber though, and the formula was better (still not perfect though, a bit streaky). But again, not what I was looking for!

This shade is tough to find! Check eBay. 

Illamasqua Kontrol

I don’t remember how I found out about this lipstick, but I knew I had to get it as soon as I saw it. I had never tried Illamasqua before, but I decided to give it a go since I had heard so many great things about it. I had to order online since we don’t have Illamasqua in Spain, so it was a bit pricey (£16 + shipping, which was £8.50). Still, I don’t regret buying this one. What a beautiful lipstick! It’s a grayed purple with blue undertones, and it’s almost matte. The color you see in the tube? That’s exactly what you get on your lips. Extremely pigmented, amazing staying powder… if you like purple lipsticks, this is a MUST. I’m not kidding. Get it. Now! (Check out current eBay listings here!)

This shade is available at:

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Illamasqua Fetish

After getting Kontrol, I was positive I wasn’t going to need another purple lipstick for a loooong time. And then, M·A·C came out with their Reel Sexy collection, and I saw Heroine – and I obviously fell in love. I’m not going to describe Heroine now, since I ended up purchasing it and so I will talk about it later. But since I found out about it too late (one day after the collection came out) when I went to the M·A·C counter they were already gone. All of them. The lady even kind of laughed at me when I asked for it. So… I guess I needed a replacement. Something that looked similar.

While browsing the Illamasqua online store, I came across Fetish. I tried looking for swatches, but I couldn’t find any online. I was going to order some stuff from their online store anyway, so I decided to get it, too.

Fetish is a beautiful color, at least in the tube. It’s less magenta than Heroine, but it was good enough for me. The only downside about this lipstick is… everything else. It has the worst application ever. I’m not kidding, it’s IMPOSSIBLE. You can’t get it to transfer on your lips! It’s streaky and just simply ugly. After some minutes of wear, it separates and forms some disgusting, little… I don’t know, balls?!? in the middle of your lips. Ugh, simply ugh. I wore it once, I’m never putting that on again. It’s a pity because it’s a beautiful color and I actually think it looks good on me! But yeah, it’s not worth it.

This shade is discontinued! 

M·A·C Heroine

So, I had to get Heroine, somehow. And… decided to get it from eBay. It was pricey, yes, I admit it. …But it was also worth it. Heroine is a purplish magenta color – not too dark, not too light. It’s matte, but not drying, and it’s beautiful. It applies smoothly and it looks amazing. It has great staying power, and… well it’s hot, and really sexy. The only downside is it’s limited edition, so I guess I will never be able to repurchase it, such a pity! It’s now a permanent part of MAC’s collection!

This shade is available at:

So! Purple lipsticks! This is my small collection, but what about you: what do you think about purple lips?

Would you wear this color? Which one of these is your favorite? Any recommendations?

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