Oh Yeah? Well, Your Pants Are Louder Than Words!

Carolina on Lookbook.nu

So I have a penchant for pants that speak louder than words.

Brightly colored, bedazzled, polka dot, plaid… Anything but tie-dye. (It died for a reason, people, let it go!) (…Okay, hold on, these are kind of cool.)

I like most pants that you could wear with a plain, white, v-neck and a basic jacket and totally look & feel awesome in. My preferred cut is Skinny or Straight Leg, but what I love about loud pants is that they come in almost all shapes & sizes! Plus, for thrill-seekers (like me), there are numerous patterns and styles to challenge your style with. Fun everywhere, forever.

(From left to right: Striped Jamie Moto Jean, $90 $40; Striped Super-Soft Leigh Moto Jeans, $80; Moto Baroque Print Skinny Pants, $80 $40; Metallic Pewter Leigh Jeans, $90 $40; Moto Tapered Stripe Jeans, $80 $40; Neon Orange 7/8ths Jeans, $60 $40; Metallic Gold Leigh Jeans, $90 $40

Prices updated 6/28/2012!

Probably watching Netflix.

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