Bring On Summer: CB2 Glass Beverage Dispenser

I have wanted a beverage dispenser with a cool faucet for as long as I can remember. I would absolutely keep it filled and set it up in my house – no question! I am an avid water-drinker, and I like my water extra-cold, so something that can keep my future hydration fluid cold – that’s a dream come true.

I’ve also been to several cafes that have these set up with lemon, lime, or cucumber slices floating around with the water & ice cubes. It’s definitely refreshing! Also spotted today: 10 Summer Cocktails from Lauren Conrad’s blog. This puppy holds seven quarts of something – make it good!

> CB2 Glass Beverage Dispenser: $49.95 <

  • Absolutely perfect for summer and entertaining! My first thought: White sangria. ;)

    • Oooh, yes!! What do you add to yours? (The only “white sangria” i’ve ever had was in college, and that means white Carlo Rossi jug wine and some apples.)

      • Haha, Sounds about right. ;) I forget the exact recipe, but I believe we usually use sauvignon blanc, champagne, peach schnapps, and pineapple juice topped with lots of sliced fruit. It’s the perfect poolside sipper.

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