The Long Line

Remember when women used to care at all if their undergarments were showing? Remember those days? Well, they’re gone, and I’m reminded of that every time I walk outside and see a billion cute girls with their bras out, all a-flail.

Bras are basically considered Outerwear Optional these days, but I’m not sure I’m ready to rock one of those super-big-arm-hole gym shirts with my boring-ass t-shirt bras underneath. Not that I would wear those, ever, but you get what I mean. Those cute, lightweight or sheer tanks that are basically just a piece of gauze held together with staples? (I love those. LOVE.) Nope, the bras would have to be way more special than a beige one – or even a black one.

Elaine L.

I’m talking about glitter and sequins and shit stuff. I have nothing like this in my underwear drawer – in fact, to be honest, it’s kind of a desolate wasteland in there. (Okay, every lingerie blogger who reads this will likely crucify me for telling you this, but I have a bra in rotation that only has underwire on one side. I KNOW. I know. I only wear it when I need to do laundry, but it’s sad either way.)

Charlene O.

Were I to venture into this look (it’s definitely not not on my list…), I would definitely go with a long line bra, also known as a merry widow, bustier, or plain ol’ bra top. They’re not only extra-supportive, but they smooth out anything in that area you wish would be smoothed out, and give off a really cool, easy-going vintage vibe. That’s all in addition to some extra coverage and stability! I’m into it.

Fun fact: Longline bras were originally called torsolettes or corsolettes, but were re-released by Warner’s in 1955 with the name “Merry Widow” after the famous operetta by Franz Lehár. The operetta was also adapted into film several times, including this one from 1952 with Lana Turner (likely the one that inspired this rerelease – wouldn’t you think?)! Swoon. 

So is the rest of the world, it seems, because they’re relatively easy to find these days, considering how “granny-like” and old-school they are. There are a ton of super-spendy (albeit adorable) bras from fancy folks like Marni and Kiki de Montparnasse, but there’s no way I can shell out $200 for a bra (even though the Marni bra is on sale for just over $100 – still out of my league!). I’ll look under $100, but I’ll buy under $50.

[Top to bottom, left to right: Fetching Femme Bra in Poppy, $19.99; Cosabella Never Say Never “Sweetie” Bra, $52.50; AllSaints Lopezia Bra, $48; ASOS Mesh Zip Longline Bra, $13.62; House of Dereon Studded Bralette, $37.47; AllSaints Maisie Leather Bra, $75.]

Probably watching Netflix.

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