The Rugby Skater

If there was a movie called The Rugby Skater and it had this dress on the movie poster, you would go see it, wouldn’t you? I think I would. Only for the dress, though, probably.

I’m definitely a fan of the “skater dress” shape. I’m a high-waisted chick, so anything that highlights (aka proves I have a) natural waist gets my vote of confidence. Besides, I’m addicted to stripes (we all know this), especially rugby stripes and this dress comes in two different, deliciously stripey versions. The cap sleeves on this dress are likely going to be what breaks me down and gets me to stuff my debit card into my CD slot just to prove my devotion to this wondrous, striped beast of bright orange and beige perfection.

> Wide Stripe Skater Dress from ASOS: $30.40 <

Probably watching Netflix.