ColorPlay: Pearl (&) Hunter

I am in the midst of green fever.

I don’t now where it came from, but I can’t take my eyes off of anything green. Green nail polish, green sweaters, green everything! And, to me, nothing is better than a saturated green next to a pearly, ivory white

There is a possibility that it’s my subconscious screaming about how badly it misses springtime, and fresh, deep colors. I’m all for ombre this and greyscale that, but the colors are contagious, my darlings! I’m officially lost in them.

Click through for a trip through my green & ivory dreams…

Would you wear this color combo?

  • Jay

    I have those green Converse and I wore them until they got a big hole in the side. I still wear them sometimes actually. *looks sheepish*

    • Hey – I totally understand! I wore my Converse out until my Mom literally came to my house (I’m 26) and stole them from me. Fortunately, she bought me a new pair in return… See you in 8 years, Mom!

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  • I’ve also recently been struck by a similar urge. So far all I have is one Jade sheath top in the same tone as the green skirt in your first pic but I need more. NEED IT.

    • So it’s not just me – that’s awesome! Hopefully that means more and more perfect green clothing will start sprouting up everywhere… then go on SALE!!!1 Muahahaha.

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