My Weekend Fling in the Target Boot Section

“Oh shit, look at all these shoes at Target.”

“Oh shit, look at all this everything at Target.”

everything at Target would be too big a post, so I’ll just talk about some wedge booties I bought this weekend.

These are the Mossimo Kylin wedge booties. I bought them in cognac, but only because the grey pair wasn’t available at my local Target. (I needed brown boots anyway, though I’d planned on buying a pair of sand-colored flat lace-up boots instead.)

These are some of the most comfortable wedges I’ve worn in a long, long time.

…and I shop for a living. is notorious for having a larger selection than any brick and mortar Target, and after I saw that my brand new boots come in grey I started to browse for other boots I didn’t see in store. Target is trouble, people. It’s inexpensive, beautiful, sartorial trouble.

Buckles, Zippers & Laces: Top 10 Sturdy Flat & Wedge Boots Under $40 (& One Under $80)

I tried to choose my favorite boots in general – spiked booties, delicate fleece-lined stilettos, cowboy boots and all – but ended up with far too many, so I had to narrow my search even further. I choose boots that look sturdy, that seem like they could handle the rain, slush and piles of leaves we’re about to be bombarded with this fall. Clockwise from top left:

  • Target is SO dangerous…you walk in for one thing and leave with one hundred! The good news for me is that because I have such a large, wide foot, I generally can’t find anything in their shoe section…so at least I’m not going crazy there….

  • Very cool! Target is always a rush of joy to visit this time of year to see all of the new fall fashion. The prices are great, making it even harder not to walk away without at least one thing. Hahah sometimes I walk away without the one thing I came into the store in the first place.

  • Really like the boots on the bottom right! Target is definitely stepping up its fashion department.