Cute Your Kitchen: Snazzy Wooden Spoons

Kitchen utensils – things like wooden spoons, spatulas, and that weird slanty spoon-thing with the hole in it… – we use them constantly and oftentimes, they’re a major fixture in our kitchen area. My apartment is too small to avoid being a host in the kitchen, which leads me to the conclusion that kitchen utensils don’t have to be boring. There are too many creative people out there for me not to be able to hyper-coordinate every single tool in my kitchen.

Fancy Wooden Mixing Spoons!

Look at these adorable kitchen utensils! Did you know this was a thing? I didn’t know this was a thing… but it’s totally a thing! I found these adorable wooden mixing spoons on Etsy, among other places. (I’m mildly obsessed with the ombre purple wooden mixing spoons ($25) [not all spoons, but you know] above.) (Oh God there is also a spatula.) * Natural bonus: A gorgeous spoon hand-carved from beautiful, bright red cedar ($20).

This Rainbow set of 5 ($27) are hand made (they specifically say, “no lasers here!”) and are extra exciting because the maker is willing to do just about any color(s) you want!

Ombre blues with a antique-y gold tip? ($25) Oh, yes. I think these will be just fine.

Red & Blue Wooden Mixing Spoons

I have to admit that the picture is kind of selling these here, but the set of two with the red and blue tips ($8) are cute anyway!

Do you have cute mixing spoons or kitchen utensils? Where did you get them? I wanna see!

PS – Stay tuned for more in the Cute Your Kitchen series!

Probably watching Netflix.