Dedicated: Gettin’ Hitched for the Holidays

Is anyone considering proposing to their significant other on a holiday this year? I’m always curious what kind of planning is required in order to pull off that kind of event. There is so much going on that I assume it’s planned months in advance. Admittedly, I’ve never proposed to anyone before, but you probably have to pick the engagement ring several months in advance (especially if it’s one of the super nice diamond engagement rings I sometimes stop and awkwardly gawk at downtown).

I think the least you can do, if the proposer is going through all that work and planning, is for the proposee to look propose-to-able at all times. Does that make sense? I mean, there are bound to be photos immediately after or… the proposal could be in public. Who wants to be stuck in a tacky sports jersey or a boring sweatshirt when the time comes to get down to proposing business? No one does, that’s who. Thus, if you’re propose-to-able, you’ll never have any regrets and your relationship will be perfect. Right?  Right. #ThisIsSoundLogic. 

  • My other half proposed to me earlier this year, but with an emerald ring not a diamond which I absolutely love to pieces. He did a series of presents inside boxes (like a present in each layer getting to smaller and smaller boxes). The last tiny box had a Lego bride (cause I collect Lego) and rings for both of us (cause we’re feminists). He had been planning it for a few months -but mostly he said trying to get the right boxes! Whenever I think about that day it makes me incredibly happy.

  • Yes, I’m with you.Because i think, you’re right in your thought about which you like to do.

  • Haha, this post reminds me of my own engagement night. Hubby had proposed on a christmas holiday which he secretly planned. he was supposed to pop the question once we´re on our dinner cruise, but unfortunately, we missed the cruise due to a very bad traffic and on our attempt to catch the cruise, we left our very fancy camera on the taxi. I was so upset and crying in disappointment when he popped the question, which brought me to tears all the more.

    • Oh my gosh!! That sounds like an insane whirlwind of emotions for such a joyous occasion, haha. Good for you for making it through! :)