Dedicated: Pure Winter Comfort

I think there is a lot of confusion when it comes to incorporating style into winter wardrobes. Most people go directly towards “LAYERS AND LAYERS OF FABRIC” and seem to often forget the joy, beauty, and simplicity of a good sweater.

Particularly in this holiday season, sweaters really get the short end of the stick. Big, puffy coats are so bulky – especially when you could be wearing a cute sweater with a normal-sized jacket, like a blazer or motorcycle jacket. Look past the sweater trends that have been around for months and months and find something new and classic!

Pure Collection Sweaters

I love these lookbook images from Pure Collection. I’ve idolized their sweater-ability for years, and this new, hoiday-themed collection is no different from the past: well-made, beautifully constructed knits.

Pure Collection Lookbook

How are you wearing knits & sweaters this season?

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Lindsay Ginn

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  • Yeah is it just me or is it super hard to find women’s long sleeve sweaters? Men’s long sleeve sweaters noooo probleeemmm but in the women’s section there’s like half sleeve thin cardigans and layering tanks/tees. I’m just like I WANT TO BE WARM PLEASE.

    • Yeah! All the sweaters are 3/4 sleeve or short sleeve, which I think is the most illogical approach to sweaters, I mean really.

      I hate it, too, when the sweaters were clearly designed to be ~cute & girly~ before they were designed to be, you know, a sweater.