Dedicated: BB Cream – Worth The Money?

I think a lot about my skin. I don’t end up doing a lot of things about my skin, thinking about it at all is a pretty big deal for me. (Bear in mind, I’m the kind of person who considers luxury¬†to be a dollar store face mask and a bucket of spaghetti. Not a whole lot of freaking-out-about-skin energy over here.)

That being said, I feel like I could be doing more. I feel like I could be paying better attention to keeping it happy, and could definitely be annoying it less by toning down the too-old mascara and too-occasional skin treatment. After all, for some of my favorite styles, having beautiful, bare skin is the bext accessory you could possibly have. I used to be a loyal follower of a few brands and keep up with their daily routine, but these days, I’m just looking for something that’s going to do the job right and leave my skin feeling moisturized, smooth, and most importantly – healthy.

Admittedly, my skin is pretty docile. I get breakouts semi-frequently, but they can usually be traced back to hormones, or the half pizza I ate last weekend, and/or other such food-related embarrassments. Also stress! I am a generally happy person, but the stress can definitely get to me, and when it does, it goes after my skin, first.

I’ve been hearing a lot about BB Cream products lately, but haven’t pulled the trigger and picked one up for myself. I know that there are some inexpensive lines out there that offer it for drugstore prices, but I haven’t done enough research to judge whether or not one should be willing to pay for quality here.

Have you tried BB Creams?

What was your experience like?
Do you think that more expensive BB Creams are better than less expensive brands?

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  • I’ve tried two: Dr. Jart’s (expensive) and L’Oreal “Magic” BB. The Dr. Jart’s was a sample and while it was definitely better than the L’Oreal, it wasn’t so much better that I could justify how much more it cost, so I’m happy with L’Oreal. My take on BB creams is: they’re lighter than a foundation and heavier than a tinted moisturizer. They’re great for a casual or “not too made up” look. I think you should just use it as a makeup – all the extra crap in them (moisturizer, SPF, anti-aging, whatever yours happens to have) is a nice little bonus, but I cannot imagine that you’ll ever use enough BB cream to actually be able to rely on a BB for any of those things (i.e. you’ll still need a separate moisturizer, separate acne goop, separate SPF, etc.)

    Basically – it will give you the “beautiful bare skin” look until you wash it off. It won’t actually give you beautiful bare skin of your own, IMO.

    • This is great info – thank you, Kelly! :)

  • Sharon Siqueiros

    Kelly pretty much summed it up!
    I just started using mine about 3 weeks ago.It’s VIP Gold Collection Super+ BebleshBalm
    It’s from Korea and I got it on Ebay. It was around $15 & free shipping so I can’t complain. I only have to use a teeeeeny bit and I mix it with my primer. Try that girls, it works really well. I actually like it cause I’m so fair and don’t care much for foundation

    • That’s a great idea! I hear a lot of people find good BB Creams on eBay. It seems so sketchy, but I’ve heard many positive things!

  • I have been using BB Cream and Tinted Moisturizer for over two years now as my “everyday” make-up. It is lighter, great for warm weather when the heat can melt foundation right off my face, and it really feels lighter on the face. The added moisturizer and anti-aging abilities really do make my skin softer and those frown lines less noticeable. Plus, you can see freckles through it, something I LOVE to see women flaunt.

    I only use foundation when I am heading out or at a fancy event now. So I say BB Cream’s are worth it if you are not worried about lighter coverage.