Dedicated: The Art of Online Shopping

I don’t care what my boyfriend tells me at the end of the month when I’m looking into my near-empty cupboards and cradling the beautiful shoes I bought straight after payday; shopping is an art. Of course, you know the art is truly mastered when you are as able to go out and buy dinner at the end of the month.

Although it’s a constant source of temptation because of all the shiny and exciting things it introduces us to, the internet can actually help you master the art of shopping and allow you to stretch your budget as far as possible. We all develop our own online shopping strategies to save cash and create fashion envy among our friends. Here are a few tried-and-tested methods to employ when shopping online.

1) Explore large ranges, such as those offered by JD Williams woman’s clothing, using a tactical search approach. Browsing websites can lead to making impulse purchases that empty your purse faster. Before you head online, make a list of the items on your current wish-list and use the sites’ own search toolbars to narrow by size and colour so that you don’t get distracted on your personal shopping mission.

2) Take advice from those in the know. Check in with blogs like Broke and Beautiful to find cheaper versions of your current fashion must-haves and for inspiration on how to maximise use of your current wardrobe; an alternative perspective can prove bountiful. Blogs and social media work both ways too, so if you are unsure about how to complete an outfit or are looking for a specific item, why not task your Facebook friends or Twitter followers with helping you out?

3) Checking the web for discount codes and offers before you checkout should be a shopping strategy you put into practice without thinking, but there’s more you can do. If you can’t find a discount yourself, again, why not ask for help from your online shopping friends? They might be able to share one with your or know of a similar item that can be purchased elsewhere for less.