Ditch The Grocery Bags & Get A Multitasker: A Beachy Tote

You know what’s cool? Going to the beach on sunny, warm days and doing nothing but talking about whatever comes up with the people you’re close (or want to get close) with.

You know what’s not¬†cool? Using old plastic bags (which you shouldn’t even have!@#), an old knotted shirt, a towel, or some other Macguyver’d contraption to carry your stuff around. It is not attractive, nor sustainable lady fashion. Acquiring a multi-tasking tote bag that doubles as a Carry Your Whole Life bag is not only a wise investment, but a saucy one – I’m in love with the red & white striped bag! So retro-but-not-really!

If you can find a decent one, it should be able to hold a blanket, a couple of water bottles, SUNSCREEN (do it.), and last, but obviously most important: snacks. Bonus points if you can get your hands on an ethical bag – like the Apple & Bee Burlap Bag above, part of the proceeds of which go to support environmental organizations! (But we can’t blame you if you can’t resist a Marc by Marc Jacobs bag for under $50…)

(Clockwise from top left: Style & Co. Brasil Maria Tote, $78, Warehouse Straw Shopper, $38.27; Beach Celeb Bag, $44.99; Apple & Bee Burlap Tote, $28; Marc by Marc Jacobs Packable Shopper, $44.90.)