Dream [Lazy, Summer, Work] Outfit

My dream outfit for a lazy, lazy workday (under $50!)

Some morning (like this morning) are not made for patience. There’s no time or energy to carefully curate an outfit that makes sense. Other times, maybe you are responsible with your health & you have a morning yoga session, or Crossfit, or mountain climbing – I don’t know. What I do¬†know is this: post-workout, I want to put any confining clothing into a cannon and launch it into to the sun so I can watch its slow demise as it burns into tiny shreds of spandex and oppression…

So I wear stuff that’s all loosey-goosey and comfortable, like the outfit you see above. This morning, I reached for wide-leg, semi-transparent linen pants and a sweater because I don’t have to leave the house today. If I did, this is what I would wear.

What do you wear on lazy days when you have to go outside?


Probably watching Netflix.