Etsy Gems: Recent Favorites

If there’s one thing I’m diligent about, it’s keeping my Etsy favorites list fresh. It’s easy, thanks to the highly-addictive Taste Test (previous encounters have yielded beautiful results), because the whole point of that neat-o app-within-an-Etsy is to shovel heaps of Things You’ll Like right into your lap. I just skip through my results clicking the “Favorite” button with reckless abandon.

Here are some recent additions to my favorites list.

Enamel-Dipped Copper Arrow Ring by Miju, $25

Vintage Embroidered Chiffon Robe from Babooshka Vintage Collection, $12

Palmistry / Palm Reading Pendant Necklace by The Tamerlane, $15

Hand Painted Octopus Ceramic Coffee Cup by sewZinski, $30

Amethyst & Gold Druzy Ring by Illuminance Jewelry, $38

Street Girls and Sailors Flask by Buckaroo’s Mercantile, $18.95

One of my favorite parts of shopping on Etsy is the ability to pay through Paypal on checkout. I use Paypal for nearly 100% of my online shopping because it’s so easy to manage, and easy to send/receive funds from other people for shared gifts, etc.

What’s your latest & greatest Etsy find?

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  1. That robe is perfect!! Oh my days! I’ve been looking for something like that for my life modelling!

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