Every Season’s Trend: Leopard

It never goes away! It’s like the military/safari trend, but less annoying and more fun. I’m getting so tired of seeing magazines and style blogs saying things like…

“…this season’s military trend!”

This season’s military trend?
This season’s safari trend?!

Are you telling me that I’m supposed to treat every camp shirt and every pair of olive twill shorts as if they haven’t been shoved down my throat every single season for the last 5+ years? Well… I won’t do it. This season’s military trend is every season’s military trend, and same goes for the safari trend, too. And by the way – they’re pretty much the same trend, okay? And now I’m tired of saying the words “trend,” “military,” “and “safari” so I will cease speaking about them as of this sentence. Period.

So leopard print.

Shove it down my throat all you want, I love it. I have never once been sick of leopard print and I rue the day that I tire of its beauty. It’s classy, sassy, and kind of off-putting – if there was ever a more perfect combination of personality traits, I’d like to hear about it, but I’m not holdin’ my breath.

So leopard print everything has been around since the dawn of time, obviously, and it’s a miracle that it’s still relevant at all, don’t you think? Or is it? Leopard print has this incredible ability to reinvent itself with every new era of fashion. It’s been associated with every social class from the super-rich to the super-prostitutes and yet, it remains a family-friendly pattern. I hope leopard print has a medal or a plaque hanging somewhere because that’s quite a feat, wouldn’t you say?

I’ve been seeing leopard print paired with white lately, and I love it! It’s half slick & graphic, half Florida retirement community… but it works! I swear! Here, take a look at how Song from Song of Style works it and you’ll understand.

White with Leopard Print Trend


I knew that would help. But I’ve seen it on other babes, too!

Check out my little inspiration style file for leopard print & white:

White & Leopard Print outfit by Style Advisor

Style Visitor

I love this! Not only does it look wildly comfortable, it also straddles the line between extremely-calculated and mish-mash of favorite pieces – it looks great!

White & Leopard by Preppy Fashionist

Preppy Fashionist

I love the addition of cognac brown and olive green with this big, white, cozy sweater. Sweaters + mini skirts = one of my favorite looks.

Fake Leather

So easy & simple – I love the pop of the leopard bag! Everything else is so graphic, and then you get a big face-full of realistic animal print.
…Is that a sleeveless, white, tuxedo jacket?!

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Nany's Klozet White Leopard

Nany’s Klozet

This girl has some serious gifts when it comes to outfit remixing – I have seen this skirt all over her blog, as well as this shirt, and yet this getup looks completely new & exciting!

Dream Outfit: Leopard Print & White

The white + leopard outfit of my dreams would probably focus the leopard on the accessories because – while I love huge swaths of leopard print, I don’t love it on myself. (Caveat: jackets are excluded from this analysis – you can never go wrong with a leopard duster or faux fur jacket!) 

I prefer my leopard-print to be… leopard-colored, if that makes sense? I don’t like the white leopard and I don’t like the super-fake-looking technicolor leopard, but whatever suits you suits you!

White & Leopard Print Outfit

The Leopard: Betsey Johnson Jackie-O Sunglasses, $60
The White: ASOS Midi Pencil Dress with Belt, $42.22

What do you think of this classic combo?

  • Leopard print is lovely, indeed. I used to be really shy about using such a bold print/pattern, but now that I have a pair of leopard flats I love it!

    • I’ve been dying for the perfect leopard flats for the longest time! I want them to be faux pony hair, I think… But not too gross and lifelike! I’m too picky about this, haha.

  • Leopard print is my absolute favorite. I will pair it with almost anything. It pretty much acts as a neutral in my wardrobe. It’s just so classic and pairs nicely with so many things!

    • I think it makes a FABULOUS neutral! :D

  • Those leopard pumps are to die for. I also rue the day I get tired of this print – my wardrobe is full of it!

  • Abby

    Addicted to this trend, my new fav coat is leopard print.

  • Love it! This trend seems to go in and out so many times. But the great thing is that its easy to follow. I love how you styled it with basic colors. Leopard is easy to look to overdressed but with basic colors it looks clean and sleek.