Floor-Length Maxi Dresses for Snazzy Parties

Sometimes, a maxi skirt is so freaking comfortable that it surpasses the whole “casual and comfortable” thing too far, where basically you’re wearing a jersey sheet with holes in it… Not exactly appropriate for every occasion, know what I mean?

That being said, I have a sick love of being overdressed, so an on-the-fancy-side, floor-length dress is something that I deviantly want in my closet (I actually have a few…). I can’t be stopped! Blame those dang Olsen twins and their unfortunate inseams. Everything goes to the floor, and at first it bothered me, but what can I say? It’s growing on me…

Anyway, I always think it’s nice to have a range of dresses on the Formal to Casual spectrum, and floor length is tricky, so it’s nice to have some variations!

Okay, really…

Sometimes you want to look fancy and you don’t want to shave your legs, ok?

Under even the most expensive Designer Dresses is a bunch of chicks who are stoked that they didn’t have to spend 30 minutes in the shower preparing to wear something short. Here are some maxi dresses we’d wear to a nice bar while tarted up, trying to get expensive drinks bought for us because we don’t have any money – only versatile dresses:

[L-R: RACHEL Rachel Roy Maxi Dress, $84.99; Muse Watercolor Halter Dress, $79.99; Wrapped Cap-Sleeve Maxi Dress, $42; Donna Morgan Pleated Maxi, $59.97; ASOS Scoop Back Maxi Dress, $76.64; Gentle Fawn Casablanca Dress, $69.]

All you need, accessory-wise, is great accessories like a Morgan Clare bag, or even a second-hand clutch that still looks great. Adding a clutch always makes me feel 200% more fancy.

Probably watching Netflix.

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