Found: Dramatic Spring Necklaces from Circus

We stumble upon some pretty amazing creations on a regular basis… It’s far less common for a pretty amazing creation to stumble upon us (except you, of course). It’s kind of like finding a $20 bill. Rewards abound and it cost you approximately zero effort. In the same vein as my philosophy regarding “fashion as pajamas as fashion,” I think that having great things fall into your lap is something that everyone should have in their lives, and the more you appreciate it when it happens, the more it happens. (This is science, all other arguments are invalid.)

This time, jewelry designer Emma and her newly launched line, Circus based out of Chattanooga, Tennessee. Post law-school, and post-everything-she-thought-she-wanted… It turned out that Emma didn’t actually want any of it. It wasn’t where she belonged. Hence, Circus: the place where Emma lives out her dreams, and where we get to ogle her amazingly imaginative clay & crystal creations & live out our own dreams, too.

Special Collection Necklace: $98


The moment I laid eyes on these roses, I was absolutely smitten. Knowing that Emma handcrafts each clay creation makes this under-$100 accessory feel like an artisan heirloom as there will never be two that are 100% alike. Mix that with the gold-plated, hammered chain and the bold silhouette – this is a recipe for an eye-catching, truly statement piece.

While looking through the many dreamlike designs in the Circus collection, I kept being reminded that spring is around the corner, and all anyone can talk about is how much color everyone’s wearing…

Circus Clay Flower Necklace: $98

The colors! Orange, pink, violet, gold, blue, red… They’re all so beautiful, and still so versatile. I mean, can you think of a neutral that wouldn’t compliment these statement pieces? I’m picturing a silk, silvery-grey wide-neck top (or a boatneck tee) with this piece over it – hair in a chignon or top knot. It’s an immediate on-trend, yet totally timeless look.

Or we could, you know…

Ditch the neutrals altogether.

Check out the rest of the Circus collection here.

Probably watching Netflix.

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  • March 14, 2012 at 10:58 am

    I am a huge Circus fan. I get compliments on all my pieces I wear from Circus and who doesn’t love compliments. I was so excited to see these floral pieces and I can’t wait to get my neck on one.

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