Gingham Pants Because WHY NOT?

Red Gingham Pants & Top

You may find yourself looking at this photo and thinking… why?

I’ll tell you why, friends: because it’s there. In the spirit of the great George Mallory, I unabashedly desire these pants simply because they exist. In two colors. Both of which I need, badly. Not the top, though. I definitely do not need the top. Just the pants. (And how.)

I’m far from a gingham-basket-toting, country girl, but that doesn’t stop me from envisioning these pants with all kinds of “downtown” pairings – jersey biker jacket, platform wedges & a sheer camp shirt… They’re so graphic & bright that they’re easy to pair with more neutral, downplayed colors and patterns*.

* Not neon. Please.

> Gingham Pants by ASOS: $52.19 <

Probably watching Netflix.

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