Giveaway: 2500 Lockerz PTZ!

Woo-hoo! It’s the first giveaway of 2012!

We have teamed up with super-creative, shopping site, Lockerz, to bring you an awesome, Broke & Beautiful giveaway.

Now, I hope you’re sitting down, because while Lockerz is immensely cool, and rewarding (literally), it takes a detailed walkthrough to really understand how much you can benefit from it.

But first – the prize. We are giving away…

2500 PTZ!

…What? You don’t know PTZ? …Oh. Right. Detailed Walkthrough. We just said that, didn’t we? Well, alright then… here we go!

What are Lockerz PTZ?

(Click to enlarge!)

PTZ are obviously a super exciting way to say “points.” We’re all on board with that already, right? I’m going to assume yes. PTZ are the reward system in place at In the most simple terms: PTZ can be exchanged for discounts in the Lockerz store.

So, basically, as a Lockerz member, you immediately have points. Just by thinking about Lockerz to have points. Once you sign up, you’ll see that you already have 500 PTZ waiting in your account! You’re probably like, “Okay, I still don’t really know what points are, so I don’t care.”


The Lockerz store houses more than just lockers, and locks (in fact, they don’t stock either of those things) – in their store, you’ll find gorgeous statement jewelry from Tarina Tarantino, high-quality denim from James Jeans, Seven for All Mankind and Genetic Denim, & sassy Corso Como shoes.

Adorable French Connection shorts that, when combined with 499 points, makes $20 shorts after 60% off. Oh, and I earn 250 PTZ just for buying it.

You see, Lockerz is an awesome shopping site that wants so badly to give you discounts for free, but it would break the laws of nature. So, in order to avoid breaking the universe, Lockerz implemented some ridiculously easy ways for you to rack up PTZ.

How to Get PTZ

I know you – now that you know you don’t have PTZ, all you can think about is how to get them, right? I know your type… I’ve already racked up 1200 since Lockerz first said “Hello!”

There are tons of ways to get PTZ:

  • As you might see on the image above, you can… Join Lockerz. Yeah, joining is one of the flaming hoops you have to jump through in order to score some PTZ.
  • Upload photos or “Decalz”, just as if you were on Pinterest. You can keep a collection of your favorite styles you see around town, or grab their bookmarklet and add “Decalz” as you skip around the web! You can snag about 10 PTZ per photo you add, and you can “grab” (aka repin, aka reblog) Decalz from other “Friends With Benefits(aka your friends in Lockerz social community).
  • You can also Watch Videos, which is probably my favorite way to score ungodly amounts of PTZ. I found a very, very cool series called Behind The Seams featuring the designer of Boy Meets Girl (you’ve definitely seen it), and her life as a clothing designer! You can get anywhere from 30 to 300 PTZ for checking out a video (the series I mentioned – 300 PTZ per view! Score!).

There are tons of other ways to earn PTZ, too… But those should get you started!

How To Use PTZ

As you’re shopping around the Lockerz store with a few extra bucks and a boat load of PTZ burning a hole in your pocket, there are two ways you can go:

1. Exchange your PTZ for a discount on something in the Lockerz store. This is the most logical, in my opinion. Lockerz has a well-curated store with products from great brands and designers – plus, their Clearance section is never boring. And there’s way more on Lockerz than just clothes – get something for your Xbox, get some shoes for your boyfriend or girlfriend, get a bunch of bubbly bath crap for your Dad… Whatever!

2. Exchange your PTZ for a “Deal” in another shop. You’re essentially buying an excellent coupon with this option. For instance, right now for 500 PTZ, you can get a 20% off coupon for (whose prices are already ridiculously low).

Badass, right? If I were to snag one thing right now… I’d go for this, from the Lockerz store:

Praille V-Neck Dress: $94 ($188 before 500 PTZ)

So, who wants 2500 PTZ?

Surprise twist: We have FIVE SETS of 2500 PTZ to give away!

To enter the giveaway, follow these steps:

  • Either sign up for The Broken Record (already subscribed? Enjoy your extra entry! All subscribers are automatically entered into all giveaways!), sync up with us on Facebook, follow on Tumblr, or all three! (Each action is an entry!)
  • Become a fan of Lockerz on Facebook, if you’d like! (It’s an extra entry!)
  • Come back here and fill out the form below and record your entries.
  • Sit back, and wait for the PTZ to rain down on you.

Best of luck! The giveaway closes on February 22, 2012 at 11:59pm!