Handmade Leather Journals from The Orange Windmill

I’m in the market for a new journal, and this time, I want something rustic. 

…Who am I kidding? I’m always in the market for a new journal. I collect them, like trinkets, to sit around until the day I need a new journal matches the mood of an empty one I’ve been sitting on for years… The only way to win is to have a wide variety of gorgeous, varied-but-equally-inspiring designs at hand. That is, if this comes even close to being a priority for you. If not, please do not write me hateful letters after you spend all of your money on empty journals and you have a writing-device phobia and are now unable to eat, etc.

The Orange Windmill is a Canadian-based shop that makes all sizes of leather-bound and hard-bound journals. They range from about $20 to $40 per journal – though you can get some itty-bitty, mini journals for $10 each! Pages range from 60 in the “slim” journal to 192 in the thickest, largest book with the median page count being 160.

> The Orange Windmill Large Leather Journal: $40.30USD <

Probably watching Netflix.