Hat Party 2013 & Rainy Weekends

Buckets. That is the amount of rain Seattle is getting lately.

Thus: hat season. We went out every day this past weekend and came home drenched. This also means that I wore my Hunter rainboots 100% of the time – no cute shoes for Seattle girls in winter.

Full disclosure: There is not a hat party in this post. Well, okay, there might be one, but if you’re in this for a hat party, it may will probably disappoint you.

(These are our hunting faces. Or at least I said “Make a hunting face!” and this is what resulted.)

During one of my outings this weekend, my boyfriend and I managed to duck into Target where we found these cool hats. Usually I don’t try hats on because my head is massive, but we were in the men’s accessories section and I have a hard time restraining myself from putting hats on my own head and others’. At least I know we have horrible “hunting faces” now.

So yeah, hats are hard for me and it bums me out. On top of having a huge head, I also have lots and lots of hair that I have no idea how to style, which I usually wear up. In the battle of hair-up vs. cute hat – hair-up almost always wins. I’d like this to change. I need to beef up my cute hat skills, but in order to do that, I need to beef up my hair-down skills. It’s a process.

Here are some outfits from Lookbook.nu that make me want to wear hats: 

 How do you feel about hats?

Do you wear them? Love them? Hate them?

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