“HELP! I Need a Dress for a Wedding in 30 Days!”

A good friend of B&B reached out for help this morning – a last minute invitation to a wedding in North Carolina was a bit of a shock for our Ontario-based friend. She needs a dress for an indoor wedding in 70 degree weather… Can you say perfect conditions for a wedding [outfit]?

Fortunately, the weather rips all of the constraints out of the way when it comes to cuts & styles for a good outfit. Sleeveless? Sure. Spaghetti straps? If you have the boobs-slash-necessary-amazing-undergarments – rock it out. Cotton? Jersey? Silk? Wool? …Okay, wool – no. Definitely not. But you still have [approximately] one million options!

For this answer, we’ll direct you to Ruche. We love Ruche because it’s the perfect price point for our budgets, and their inventory is always stocked with classic styles that are just the right mix of trendy and classic. We dug up five wedding-appropriate dresses for under $50!

1. Dear To Me Dress: $44.99
2. Forever Dreaming Ruffle Dress: $42.99
3. Lois Lane Necktie Dress: $42.99
4.  Enchante Magenta Dress: $39.99
5.  Happiness Is A Virtue Dress: $44.99

What is your go-to wedding outfit?

Probably watching Netflix.