Everyone Should Own a Hi-Low Dress

It’s rare that I want everyone to try the same trend, because it’s rare that everyone looks good in the same trend. (Neon is my nemesis. Actually, neon is generally just gross. Mostly. There are always exceptions. I just can’t think of any.) One trend I think can work on anyone is the hi-low skirt, as long as you find the right length for your height, and the right cut to fit your personal style. I am so, so lazy, though, so for me the hi-low skirt is just too much work. I’d rather have a hi-low dress.

Each of these hi-low dresses are under $50, and because you’re all unique snowflakes, I tried to find four very different styles. From left to right:

  • The River Island Color Block Bandeau Maxi Dress ($41.43) reminds me of all of the broke babes that are spending their entire summer at the beach. When it’s barely ever above 70 degrees at the beach, that’s a commitment.
  • Aside from the “I wish I lived in Hollywood” styling, the West Coast Wardrobe Midas Touch Dress ($30.99) is my favorite. I would still wear it with big, dark sunglasses, platforms and a bright clutch…I’d just look less wooden.
  • The Romeo & Juliet Couture Printed Hi-lo Midi Dress ($39.99) is what I’d wear if I was planning to go to lunch with friends and knew that I’d probably eat too much. Food Baby Dress.
  • Hello, ballerina! I love love love the Glamorous Lace Top Hi Low Dress ($49.71). It reminds me of everything good about dance recital, isn’t made of ugly, and doesn’t require me to duct tape my boobs to my chest.  (See-through lace swoooooon.)

Do you have a hi-low dress or skirt? My hi-low skirt is completely and totally the wrong length on me, so I’m pretty sure this means I am required to go on a shopping trip.  Yes/yes?