Macabre Love


I get a lot of grief about my very dark, macabre taste in things. I’ll admit – I’m not your average girl.

This fashion moment will be inspired by my birthday party. I’ve had a rough year or two and so I decided it’s time for a fresh start.

I’m hosting a funeral as my party to mourn the passing time and celebrate life in the years to come!

Everyone knows that the best funeral plans start with somber and respectful wardrobe, so what does one wear to a fashionable funeral? Black, of course! …and accessories are extremely important:

What if it’s a sunny day?! You’ll certainly need to shelter that porcelain skin!

A parasol is key.

Battenberg Lace Umbrella by Dragonfly Designs, $45

A veil is very important for all your mourning needs.

Birdcage Veil “Camilla”, $85; Black Peacock Feather Veil, $275; Black Bridal “Irene” Hat, $190

My love of black lace is just endless.


Rib Cage Lace Top, $56; 1960s Vintage Reproduction Black Lace Dress, $49.95

Lace Drop Waist Tank Dress, $19.99; Knee Length Chiffon Full Skirt, $60; For Love & Lemons “Zoey” Dress, $93

Scalloped Mesh Insert Collar Dress, $47.68

I say fuck it and go with a romper.

CJ Black Lace Romper, $72

You’ll need a good flask to sneak in Absinthe.

Gunpowder Black Flask, $12

…and something to carry it in.

Flask Harness Garter Belt, $85

Well, here’s your chance to be fashionably goth. Could it be a fall trend?

Maybe my Birthday will inspire a little macabre in all of us. Drink a little Pacifique Absinthe in my honor and cheers!

La Petite Mort is a Seattle based visual and performance artist who is naked most of the time. From half-dead stage performance to Whedonesque Burlesque (a Joss Whedon-themed cabaret) – she’ll do it, and she’ll do it in five inch, glitter-covered wedges (and undoubtedly some fake blood). She is also half of the production company 8mm Afterglow, putting on lowbrow narratives in and around Seattle. We proudly boast her as a Broke-Life Babe, and she’s damn proud to be one! Check out her site (currently undergoing renovations…!), Glitter & Gore.

  • I think this is a great idea for a birthday party. I am swooning over that flask garter belt.

  • Definitely a departure from my every day style, yet something very appealing about this type of look. Loving the lace romper and parasol.