How To Wear: Printed Jeans

They’re loud, have-to-look-at-them apparel options, it’s true… So potentially scary! Knowing how to wear denim covered in a print is definitely a chapter left out of most style handbooks. Fortunately, we have the IFH (Internet Fashion Hivemind).

So I quizzed them, I did – I said, “Hey! IFH! I bet you can’t show me how to wear patterned patterned jeans!” and it once again slapped me across the face with its highly relevant and superior knowledge of how how to wear patterned jeans.

Usually the IFH is wide and varied in its response to my queries… This time, notsomuch. The IFH has clearly stated that printed denim & patterned jeans should be worn with a black, white, or otherwise super-neutral, solid top, and minimal accessories. 

The Internet Fashion Hivemind speaks:

[Top row, L-R: Ashley M., Bonnie B., Sabrina M. Bottom row, L-R: Andy T., Shermineh G., Ellie A.]

Here are some of our favorite printed denim pieces (and check out this post full of cheap patterned jeans!):

[Top row, L-R: Motel Jordan Jeans, $90; Wit & Wisdom Animal Print Jeans, $24.97; Else Jeans Paisley Pink Skinny Jeans, $78. Bottom row, L-R: Jubilee Jewel Print Cropped Jeans, $76; Jaguar Metallic Leigh Jeans, $90; Neon Stripe Skinny Jeans, $80; Flag Print Skinny Jeans, $90.]

Probably watching Netflix.

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